Processed meat and funk

New Zealand. Singapore. Marseille. Arles Photofest. Spain. And the sunny North of England. These are all the places I have been since I was last able to send out an Email to my list. That’s 3 weeks. It was NOT planned that way. I had a nicely organised bunch of Emails ready to send, but

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What my clients say

Since the [Marketing] workshop what I thought I wanted to do and why has changed quite a bit along with my headspace. I guess that is the point.. I always felt lost for direction in achieving what I wanted, even lost as to what that was. I am very excited that it seems you have so far managed to clear away a lot of fog. Already I am very thankful even though it is just the beginning.


Are you a talented commercial photographer looking for representation?

OR are you having issues with your existing agent and trying to work out next steps?

Have you already parted ways with your photo rep, and quietly freaking out about what to do now?

Even worse, your rep may have closed shop, leaving you facing difficult choices.

Getting a rep in the first place is a massive challenge, and getting the RIGHT rep is even harder!!


  • Attract a new rep (in a new city, country, or just because you're fed up with 'soloing')
  • Vastly improve the relationship with your current rep.