It’s time to re-examine

‘I live 2 blocks from the George Floyd murder’ I heard, repeatedly yesterday, as I ran a 3.5 hour folio review marathon with photographers based in Minneapolis. ‘I had my bag packed and was ready to flee in case our building was burned down’ said one. ‘Please let there be change’, they all said. Starting

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What my clients say

Thank you for taking the time to really listen, I remember the first time you asked me what my life looked like and it was just a blank…For showing me that who I am is enough, giving me the confidence to see that how I photograph is enough, for bringing the colour back into my world.For your kindness, humour, fun, friendship along the way.  I loved every minute of it! You are just the most amazing person who brings kindness and love where ever you go.

Sophie Leuschke, Photographer, London

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