Christian Mushenko, Sydney

Bending, bubbles and bios

Bubble Bath, Wine, & Photo
Image by Lotus Carroll via Flickr

A couple of weeks ago I was doing an Astanga yoga workshop which involved getting up at 5.30 every morning and sweating for 2 hours- after which I (surprisingly) felt amazing. The upshot is that by about 8.30pm all I wanted to do was sleep. As a delay tactic one evening I decided to soak in the bath for an hour prior to crashing.

As I was basking in the suds, contemplating bed, a call came from a photographer I’m working with.

‘Eek!’ she said. ‘My clients need a bio in the next hour and I don’t have one!- help!’

This was no ordinary job she was trying to win but the biggest job of her life which would involve flying to a very exotic place and being paid big bucks to shoot exactly what she loves.

My old rep-response system kicked in and in minutes I was in my PJ’s tapping out a bio compiled from numerous blogs and magazine interviews with her, to help make her look like she does jobs like this every 5 minutes (without telling porky pies of course).

I made it to bed just before midnight.

One of the tricks to having a timely professional response to clients is to make sure you have PDF documents such as bios, lists of awards, brands you’ve worked on, and testimonials all ready to go at any given time.

I also encourage photographers to get bios from their favourite team such as stylists, art department, make up artists, etc., as clients often like these too.

And if you are struggling with this- ask someone to help you with it. Ideally not when they’re in the bathtub at 9pm.

…….You never know when your dream job will land on your doorstep.