Are you a ‘when I’ person?

Are you sometimes guilty of being a ‘when I’ person?

As in, ‘When I get some down time I’ll contact that rep/ fix my website/ start that personal project/ go for a walk…..”

The problem with this is you’re leaving your actions in the hands of fate (again).

If you wait too long, opportunities pass, and the thing never gets done.

‘When I’ can be an excuse to delay something you should do today.

When the pandemic is over I’ll …….

When I finish my personal project I’ll ……

When I get my next shoot …..

When I get paid for my next job …..

When I get a rep …..

When I can travel again …..

When I’ve got through this busy spell ….

When I get busy again …..

When my folio is ready ….

The fact is, that time may never come UNTIL you do The Thing.

What small action have you been postponing that can be done today?