An opportunity to fly

28 August, 2020

When I was gardening last summer a cheeky bird started following me around. She would grab the worms I dug up, and take them back to her babies in the tree over the fence. (They must have been very fat babies because there were so many worms).

One day she perched out on the furthest end of the furthest branch with some food (undoubtedly more worms from my garden).

They each hopped out, she gave them a nudge, and off they flew.

I have just ‘nudged’ out a group of photographers into their new worlds.

They weren’t babies by any means. In fact they were all very capable photographers.

But they were missing the most important ingredients- visibility and confidence to reach the clients that would give them a better quality of work.

In their 8 weeks with me (actually we managed to extend it to 10) they gained a new understanding of who they are, and a whole new brand DNA and strategy.

They created new personal work, identified the people who would be most likely to hire them, edited and rebuilt their websites, and learnt the steps to get in front of those people they identified (even if it is currently via Zoom.)

I would be proud to recommend any of them for assignments that come my way. In fact, I was able to recommend one of them for an international ad campaign during the programme. (Yes, there is still work out there.)

Unlike that mama bird, who abandoned the nest (such is nature), I love seeing my alumni sharing their successes and supporting them in my Bootcamp community as they grow professionally and reach their ever-changing goals.

If you want this kind of guidance and support, I am now taking applications for my next programme in September. You can apply for a strategy call to find out of you’d be a good fit here.

My greatest wish is to see you fly.