All you need is inside you

A few days ago I received a holiday/ Christmas wish list from somewhere photographically inclined, and it listed, predictably, mostly equipment, cameras and helpful software.

I think I ditched it.

When photographers, even my beloved clients, start talking to me about gear, I ‘glaze over’. It’s not my zone of genius. I’m done being a producer. And quite frankly there are plenty of experts who can help with that.

In the 25 years of working with top photographers I know that good equipment is essential to providing the end results top clients require and expect, but it’s only the starting point. You should have this pretty much nailed.

This year, when you receive (or don’t receive) that new lens, or software, or widget, remember this.

You are an artist. An image maker. Photography in itself is simply a tool to fulfil a deeper desire to create something. To show something. To change someone. To make a difference. To entertain, To reveal. To express yourself.

All you need is inside you. (And that includes resourcefulness.)

Make 2018 the year you fulfil this potential, or push it further. With or without the latest tools. Show your clients what you’re capable of. I dare you.

I want to wish you a very, very merry Christmas (if you celebrate it), and an amazing new year.

And thank you for being an ongoing part of my tribe. I truly appreciate you being there and look forward to helping you more in 2018.