How well are you acclimatised?

12 August, 2021

I’ve been thinking recently about acclimatising.

If you want to climb Everest, you have to start training regularly at high altitude, and gradually get used to the lower oxygen levels.

The same applies to your photography career.

If you want to shoot global campaigns for multi award winning advertising agencies and inspiring brands, you have to BEHAVE like a photographer who is doing that already.

I think that’s why photographers who have assisted rockstars often become rockstars in their own right. They’ve acclimatised to being around great clients, smooth productions and high expectations.

But you shouldn’t stop doing this after assistant level.

At every stage of your career you should set things in place for your future, so that when you DO start getting those next level jobs, you can deliver in a way that’s expected.

That starts with looking at your brand and making sure it is always aligned with your vision, so you get the jobs you deserve.

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