A powerful vision

What’s the one word that describes you?

At CA+, an online folio review event late last year several of the reviewers (art directors, creative directors and reps) asked photographers this question.

They’re ideas people. Of course they did.

Luckily most the photographers I’ve worked with could answer it- if not in one word, in a short phrase.

Imagine being able to succinctly tell people what you’re striving for.

When you’re talking about purpose that’s what you’re doing.

Striving to achieve, to feel, to experience, to know, to see, your ‘thing’. You can’t let it go.

Purpose is not where you’ve been. It’s where you’re going. The thing that drives you to do crazy things. Crazy wonderful things. It stretches you, grows you, challenges you.

My word is potential. Seeing it, to be precise.

I can’t help myself. (Purpose is like that). I see the potential in images, places, architecture, food and people, but especially photographers.

Better still, I love helping photographers see their potential.

And giving them the roadmap to reach it.

If you’re a talented pro photographer, and you’d like some help seeing your potential in the global ad world (from wherever you’re stuck right now), book a free strategy call with me here.

You know you’re good, but imagine how far you can go.