A beacon of light

Over the last month I simultaneously launched 2 programmes. I edited a folio, blitzed work, and mentored my VIP’s, Bootcampers and Series Project Makers through discoveries, bumps and successes (and this happily continues).

I attended a yoga workshop and injured my back (to the point of not being able to use a computer hence…crickets for you. Sorry about that).

I organised a week in Cuba for 8 photographers (oh that beautiful airy house in Havana by the sea…), then postponed it all (which apparently takes longer).

I cancelled all my travel bookings for Palm Springs Photo Fest, Photo London, LA ASMP talk, a visit to my daughter in Berlin (now seemingly unreachable), and a wedding in Grimsby (OK maybe I wasn’t overly excited about a wedding in Grimsby).

I can’t say I’m not relieved. I feel a kind of lightness. I suspect something inside of me was screaming DO NOT GO YOU MIGHT DIE!

And even though I am shocked at the ever-changing situation around the world, I want you to know I am not the person to come to if you want to hear more scary stuff. There’s enough of that. There really is. Just turn on the radio, the TV, or the internet. In some cases you just have to look out the door.

I’m not a Pollyanna but I want to be your beacon of light through this time. It’s what I’m good at. In an honest kind of way.

I have been working on some practical ways I can help you, my tribe, through this unprecedented situation.

I will be turning up in your in-box every single week at minimum.

I am re-igniting my free Facebook Group with Facebook lives, and daily inspiration.

I will be running a number of free webinars on how to survive COVID-19 as a photographer.

I am using my travel time to create some new programmes which are more financially accessible.

And the next Bootcamp has been moved forward to June.

This thing will end. And I want you to be prepared for when it does.

Meanwhile, watch this space. I am here to help, more than ever.

Be safe, be well, and much love.


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”

-Alan Watts