4 steps to embracing the current situation

I’m hearing such a diverse range of situations that photographers and reps are in at the moment.

From mad busy, to closing shop.

So I thought I’d give you some things to consider if you’re a photographer feeling indecisive about next steps (because who isn’t at the moment?)

1. Don’t let your inability to travel limit your target audience.

If you’re in a region or country where you can travel and shoot freely then you have an advantage. Who needs what you have right now? Which other cities and countries are more restricted? There’s always something you have that others need, somewhere in the world.

2. Focus your energy on creating new work.

Make personal projects with depth that respond to this time, or if that’s too hard, try a Shoshin approach and shoot freely with no structure. Your reps and clients (new and old) will want to see what you’ve made at this time.

3. Make sure you have good practices in place

Make clear information available on how your shoots are happening. Even if you don’t have restrictions your clients overseas or out of state will want to ensure that you are being safe on set. (Conversely don’t get pushed around. If you don’t feel safe, you need to be firm about the boundaries you want to implement to protect yourself and your crew).

4. Don’t stop marketing.

Your clients, regardless of circumstance, will still appreciate hearing from you (so long as your communications are audience appropriate). Make sure your online presence hasn’t descended into a needy mishmash of ‘I can do anything!’, or been ignored. Now is the time to spruce it up and choose your audience judiciously.

There’s no doubt that change is happening every day but you don’t have to wait for it to happen to you.

This can be your time to prepare for a relaunch and a new you. Share the work you’ve always loved making. Talk about it in depth. Own your story and find brands that align.

You may still be in lockdown, or you may be lucky enough to be in a virus free country or region. But wherever you are it can still be your time.