3 steps to be seen by award winning creatives

8 March, 2023

This past week I’ve been ensconced in judging the first round of Art Director’s Club Annual Awards.

It’s been such a reaffirming process I wanted to share 3 key takeaways that are also the foundations of my mentoring process with photographers.

1. Start with your own uniqueness

There are still countless creative decision-makers out there that will hire you to make work that is uniquely in your style. There were many amazing ADC entries from well-known brands and publications that did just that. Even seeing something everyone else has seen and shooting it in your own way is a powerful way to get noticed.

Shoot like everyone else, and you’ll become ‘wallpaper’.

2. When identifying ideal clients, think outside the box.

Don’t get trapped into targeting sports brands if you’re a sports photographer, kids brands if you’re a kid photographer, or fashion brands if you shoot fashion. When judging I saw an automotive campaign shot by a fashion photographer, an adventure shoot for a pharmaceutical brand, and wild horses captured by a still-life photographer. And I have seen this for over 20 years.

Creative people think creatively. So should you.

3. Know where to be seen.

If you know your target audience you know where you need to be seen. If you’re not already aware of ADC you should be. Mention it to any advertising creatives and they’ll know exactly what it is- one of the most prestigious awards you can win in the ad world. For that reason, if you win an ADC award for photography, you know that you’ll have the right eyes on it.

Work by some of the top names in photography appeared in this competition, and that says they know where to be seen.

What one thing can you do now that the best people in the industry do?

If you need help understanding your unique voice, identifying ideal clients, and how to be seen by them, schedule a free call with me here to discuss ways in which I may be able to help.