You're an established, successful photographer but you want to push yourself further. You know you're capable of more.

Somewhere along the road you may have ended up compromising your authentic shoot style to suit the needs of clients. It's what's necessary to survive in this industry, of course. Over the years what's on your website and in your folio may have become a far cry from why you started this in the first place. It's what the clients wanted. But is it what they want to be inspired by? And is it who you authentically are?

All the work I do with photographers starts with these questions and they are addressed immediately in the first one-on-one session, the Image Blitz. In this session I ask your work to tell me who you are as a photographer and artist. I want to delve back into the heart of your creativity and discover your brilliance. You can find out more about this process here. Or click on 'Image Blitz' below.

Once we've figured out your very best and most authentic work, we'll find ways to reach the right clients who'll pay you more to shoot in this way. New markets, new territories- they're all options we'll cover. The best way for you to work with me on this process is to join my flagship programme below 'Bootcamp'. Jump down here or click the box to get details.

If you really think your situation is unique, and you have looked at the other options, I do accept a very limited number of photographers per year as one-on-one clients. To find out more click the link below or shimmy on over here.

Your success is important to me, so in upcoming months I will be adding more ways I can support you. Scroll down below and click on the options for details.

What my clients say

Christina Force is a legend of the NZ photo industry with loads of experience in Australia and Asia. We first met when I was working at DDB Singapore many years ago. She is now consulting to photographers... and I think she is EXACTLY who you should talk to if you want to expand into the Asian market (she has lugged more folios around Asian ad agencies than just about anyone). Not only is she a wealth of knowledge in the Asian ad industry, she is also a lovely, lovely person (and we know how rare they are!).

Mick Bakos, Senior Art director, TBWA Melbourne