Are you wondering if your new work is up to scratch?

Have you been busy creating beautiful projects but you're

feeling confused about which shots are the winners?


Are you ready for some more clarity and direction?

I've got you covered with a re-blitz

Rediscover that feeling of  being able to identify your most amazing, show-stopping images.


Tap back into your best work and re-connect with your future; shooting more of what you love

Get that buzz back (if it’s lost) and rediscover your passion and direction (if it’s been waylaid)

Refocus on where you want to go, regardless of where you’re at and what you’re shooting.

Get back a clear understanding of which shots to feature on your website or in your folio. 

Help your ideal clients understand who you are again.

Move forward with clarity, focus, direction and some fresh work on your website and in your folio.

As always, I'll work from intuition (and over 20 years of showing photography to creatives around the world) to extract the very best of your photography.

I’ll power through up to 200 of your shots and select the new heroes.

I'll also identify the shots you should ditch (maybe some of those heroes are ready to be thrown out), and the shots you can work with.

We’ll get together for a 30 minute consult via Skype or phone and discuss your updated direction and style.

We'll address how you can harness this to get paid to shoot what you love

NZ $950

(+GST for NZ residents. Use this currency converter to find out the conversion in your local currency)

To book a Re-blitz, simply hit this ‘book and pay now’ button.

Pay for the Re-blitz and you’ll be taken to my calendar where you can find a time and date that suits you.

Use your existing Dropbox folder and all reminders will be sent by Email.

Still not sure? Here's some reminders on what to supply and how it works.


Book and Pay Now


Contact me with any questions christina(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) 

'WOW, the penny finally dropped, I started on this ‘overview’ and it all started to become clear.

I now know my style and it’s really me, I feel like I’ve finally found the photographer in me again.

It’s nearly all post Christina work!'

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