Define Your Style
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This is how the Blitz works

You’ll need to supply me with images (see below) but I don't work directly with you whilst going through this process- I just get on with a totally un-influenced sort-out of your best work.

When they're on your website people must fall in love with your images super quickly, and I will work from intuition (and over 20 years of showing photography to creatives around the world) to extract the very best of your photography.

  • You’ll receive an invitation to a Dropbox folder.
  • Please accept the invitation- this is how we’ll share images and files. It is unique to you (and me, but no one else has access to your work).
  • If you need help with installing or using Dropbox, jump on over here for instructions.
  • Load up your images to the folder at least 24 hours PRIOR to your chosen date
  • I’ll then blitz your work, extracting the hero shots and putting them into a folder in our Dropbox file.
  • We'll have our Zoom call, which is the time you will have booked.
  • Please allow an hour for this call.


  1. Must be j pegs (No PDF or Tiff files)
  2. Must open to at least 800 pixels in width (but not huge- just so I can see detail)
  3. Send everything from your existing website - Commissioned and personal. No more than 300 shots though!
  4. No spreads/ montages/ diptychs please- must be separate images even if they ran together
  5. No typography, logos or copy if possible (unless it is part of the shot)
  6. Some ungraded/ Work in progress shots are fine but please indicate this- perhaps put them in a separate folder
  7. Include images that you are most proud of, and enjoyed shooting, and could see yourself shooting more.
  8. Include personal shots (This is crucial so that I understand your true passion).
  9. Please put everything in one folder- no separate folders (See exception 6 above)
  10. If in doubt, include it! (Within reason- see 11)
  11. Ideally provide no more than 300 images.

I look forward to helping you define your hero style!

What my clients say

TPM really hit it's stride this year, the feedback from the community has been fantastically heartening. Your columns have easily been the best addition we've made this year, they invariably get favourable mentions whenever a reader gets in touch with us -- it's going to be a hell of a book.  

Adrian Hatwell, Editor, D Photo and The Photographers Mail, Auckland