It’s great to have you here. I’m Christina Force, a folio consultant, public speaker and mentor to photographers and their agents.

I assess the work and distill the essence of each and every photographer I work with. Then I give you the tools to reach out to and connect with the people who’ll pay you to shoot what you love. I do this in person, via online programmes and live seminars.

I love what I do. I love the success stories, the excitement and rekindled enthusiasm, and the many friends I have made through this process of helping make photographers' lives better.

I’m thrilled that you’ve come to pay a visit to my world, and hope you’ll find something here that will help you, or someone you know, discover their authenticity…. and get paid more to shoot what they love.


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LATEST BLOG / Five ways to reality-check your work

We all know that moment in the movie where the protaganist does something seemingly out of character, or completely unbelievable and… boom. You’ve disengaged. ‘There’s no way he would do that!’ I’ll think as I sit back, inwardly questioning my husband’s sanity for buying tickets to the film in the first place. All the way home in the car

© Dick Sweeney shoots as much as possible in camera to retain the authenticity of his work. To the blog

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Every time I work with Christina, the quality of clients I get improves, with bigger jobs and better budgets.

Mead Norton, Photographer, Rotorua