It’s great to have you here. I’m Christina Force, a folio consultant, public speaker and mentor to photographers and their agents.

I assess the work and distill the essence of each and every photographer I work with. Then I give you the tools to reach out to and connect with the people who’ll pay you to shoot what you love. I do this in person, via online programmes and live seminars.

I love what I do. I love the success stories, the excitement and rekindled enthusiasm, and the many friends I have made through this process of helping make photographers' lives better.

I’m thrilled that you’ve come to pay a visit to my world, and hope you’ll find something here that will help you, or someone you know, discover their authenticity…. and get paid more to shoot what they love.


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LATEST BLOG / Are you previewing expectations?

When my son was little, he would constantly ask with wide-eyed worry, “What’s going to happen next?” If we were travelling or doing things together as a family, the question was particularly unappeasable. At Christmas he couldn’t bear to leave presents unwrapped under the tree…the idea of surprise and  ‘not knowing’ was far too stressful. By Christmas

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Every time I work with Christina, the quality of clients I get improves, with bigger jobs and better budgets.

Mead Norton, Photographer, Rotorua


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