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© Emily Hlavac-Green
© Emily Hlavac-Green


Think of your print folio as inspiration for your potential clients- creatives and designers. Whether single or double sided, I aim to help you produce a printed, tangible thing of beauty which is effective, impactful and will make your work look fantastic.

A double sided folio is generally suited to photographers who have lots of work, a decent amount of experience and some diversity, especially in the form of various personal projects. A single sided folio is more popular and can be just as powerful.

I won’t go ahead with any folio if I don’t think you have enough work, or an idea of your direction and target market. The Image Blitz (previously outlined) will establish all of this and is a crucial step prior to any folio being created.

Once I've defined your best work in the Image Blitz, we'll discuss the approach we'll take for your folio. If you've already had a previous edit or blitz in the last 12 months, you can check my availability for a folio edit here:


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The folio is broken down into two additional steps after the blitz:


Here’s what the first full folio edit includes:

  • An initial 30 minute Skype/ phone consult to discuss goals, direction and target clients who'll be seeing this specific folio
  • A numbered ordered edit using Image Blitz j pegs and any additional shots we agree you should add. The final edit contains approximately 20-30 final images. Special attention is paid to the order and flow. Print and web require different approaches- this is taken into account as it’s extremely important.
  • Images are provided in a shared Dropbox folder as well as a screen grab of suggested order and any variants for discussion.
  • An Email summary with notes
  • A follow up 30 minute Skype/ phone consult to discuss options, amendments and final decisions on order, next steps, printing, etc.

Note: This edit cannot be done without completion of the Image Blitz




© Christian Mushenko
© Christian Mushenko


I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I don’t like letting folios out without seeing the quality of the printing, colours, etc.

Once the folio has been printed shots can look slightly different so I always like to to ensure they are still flowing. Inevitably I change around the order a little but using the original draft and group of shots. The first draft is to ensure your printing costs are minimised, and this draft ensures that the final folio has no flaws.

Here’s what the final print edit includes:

  • An initial discussion and advice on paper, printing, layouts, binding, etc.
  • We meet in person at your studio or in a space with plenty of room to spread out the shots.
  • Together we check the flow of the shots and I make adjustments based on colour, tone, quality, etc.
  • We finish when we’re completely happy with the flow. If you have a cover I’ll check that and we’ll add the shots so we can run through them as they will be shown to clients.
  • We’ll discuss the final thumbnail page and the best approach to this, if required.

Allow approx. 2-3 hours for this process.

Note: This edit cannot be done without completion of the blitz and step 1


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A double- sided folio is effective, impactful and will make your work look fantastic. They are generally suited to photographers who have lots of work, a decent amount of experience and some diversity, especially in the form of various personal projects.

As before, an initial image blitz will establish if your work is right for this approach and is a crucial step prior to this taking place. I can then help you decide on which kind of folio would be best and we can discuss options. If you decide to go ahead with a double sided folio there are a few more things to take into account such as greater attention to design and layout, types of paper available for double sided printing, etc., and a longer final print edit.


Initial Image Blitz:                       $950

First draft folio edit:                    $1,200

Final print edit (single sided):   $950

Final print edit (double sided):  $1,800


  • If you haven't had an Image Blitz in the last 12 months you'll need to book this in first. It is my first step to ascertaining your most brilliant shots which will win over clients. To find out more about or to book this first step jump on over here.
  • If you've already completed a Blitz within the last 12 months hit the 'check availability' button anywhere on this page or 'Book Now' below which will take you to my online calendar, and select a date that suits you to get everything to me in time.
  • Assume that we'll do one draft at a time. This is the most practical approach. Your booking will be for the first draft only.
  • Once you've picked a date you’ll need to supply me with additional images via our shared Dropbox folder already set up from the Blitz
  • Please create a new sub-folder and into it add any new work done since the blitz, or work I haven't seen that you think might be appropriate. I will consider all of this when I select shots.
  • You don't need to be present (in fact I prefer to do this edit alone). However it would be useful if you're available by phone/ Skype for the initial call before I get started.
  • If I have any questions or ideas I will contact you. We may chat more than once- it will depend what I need to know.
  • Once it's done (and I may send you a work in progress if I feel it's necessary) I will number the shots and add them to a draft folder in Dropbox. I'll also screen grab the flow and will Email you to let you know where I'm at, and to arrange a chat, if we haven't already covered all the options and issues in a conversation.
  • There is always room for some negotiation on the shots...depending on the shots and the target market.
  • Allow at least 2 days and a maximum  of 1 week per edit as I often revisit the edit and like to let it sit for a day or two before sending the final draft.
  • Once we've discussed the edit we will then arrange a date for the final print edit, which, as it's in person, will involve me being where you are or you being where I am. We can work this out closer to the time but unless I am in your city already the costs above do not include travel or associated costs. Generally though, we make it work.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to Email me or to check my availability hit any of the green buttons on this page


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Discovering my 'wow' style is a reaffirmation of all my core values, which I had forgotten in my drive to be a parent and satisfy clients -
Christina has lit the candle which is going to help me start a bonfire ! I now feel re-energized and determined to break the rut in which I was in.

Gerard Turnley, Photographer, Capetown.