With Photo Mentor Christina Force.


-52Days -16Hours -57Minutes -10Seconds

How do you reach better clients who'll pay you to shoot what you love?

Do you have a strategy that easily attracts and converts this elusive audience in the ad and design world?


Join this 60 minute webinar and we'll map it out, step by step together.


  • Why a client attraction process is not just a marketing tool but a business bible.
  • The 5 main marketing techniques needed to attract clients in the ad and brand worlds, broken down into really simple steps.
  • Where you're wasting your time and energy and how to fix that.



The webinar will start on the:

Tuesday 24th October (Monday 23rd USA/ Canada/ UK)

11am NZT, 9:00am NSW/Vic, 6am WA/ HK/ Singapore

Monday 23rd October: 3pm PT, 6pm ET, 11pm London (sorry London!)

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