Thank you for your Bootcamp deposit

Blitz booking details (if you haven't previously had one) and programme sign up details will be sent to you via Email so:


Be sure to check the Email address you used in your payment form, as this is where the Emails will be sent

Please Email help(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) if you don't receive anything.

Please follow these instructions to apply for your funding:

  1. Register your business Regional Business Partner Network using these guidelines.
  2. I recommend you contact your RBP Growth Advisor or local RBP Partner organisation to explain your needs. Contact details are on the RBP website here
  3. If you're applying for the maximum funding for the programme the best funding is Capability funding (not covid19 funding), as you can apply for up to 50% of $6,900, which is $3,450.
  4. When applying be sure to state that you need marketing support to help your finances grow your business and reach new markets (possibly overseas) and higher paying clients.
  5. Once registered you can find my Bootcamp programme listed under 50% capability funding here:
  6. As discussed, if approved I’ll send you a promo code for the discount that the funding supplies, plus any additional agreed discount.
  7. If not approved, and you're doing a Blitz now for the first time, you’ve agreed to pay the balance of the blitz ($750 + GST), which will be due once we have the outcome of the application. 
  8. Alternatively, if they offer a lower amount than expected, we can discuss options.
  9. Sometimes they offer 100% Covid funding only. This tends to be around $2,400. The service this would apply to is called Marketing Advisory for Professional photographers and is here and there's no rhyme or reason as to how much they offer. I will need to create a unique event for you in this instance and we'll put it towards the programme.
  10. If this is the case, you should ask them if you can also apply for capability funding, and look at the Blitz as an option (even if you've already done one). This is here and we can apply the additional $650 to the programme if successful. Or you could apply for this to get the balance of your Blitz paid.
  11. If funding is approved for your business, your Growth Advisor will allocate a funding voucher for the approved support.
  12. Use your voucher to book the appropriate service and please Email help(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) if you need anything from me.




What my clients say

Every time I work with Christina, the quality of clients I get improves, with bigger jobs and better budgets.

Mead Norton, Photographer, Rotorua

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