Get signed in 2020

In the last week before Christmas, in space of 4 days, I received lovely calls from three of my clients wanting me to be the first to know that they had signed with a new rep.

One was a European based photographer who secured a top rep in New York to replace his lack lustre one there.The new one fell in love with the new brand strategy he created with my guidance, and offered him representation.

One was an Aussie artist who couldn’t even get a reply from any agents or galleries before working with me. She just signed with a top Australian advertising rep, and was also offered exclusive representation by the most highly regarded gallery there. (New problem- whether to say yes or stay with the existing amazing galleries that signed her just before that).

One was signed by the best advertising rep in New Zealand. Having come from the editorial world and never previously had representation she completely revamped her online presence and marketing strategy and…boom! (Do you know how small NZ is and how few reps are here?)

One of the most common goals I hear from photographers is that they want to sign with an agent or rep.

(If you missed the free webinar I made on this last year here’s a chance to listen or watch it again:

One of the things I reinforce all the time is that it’s harder to get a new rep than a new client.

Of course it is- there are way less of them!

So you have to get clear on who you are as a photographer, what you want, and develop a strategy to win the hearts (and confidence) of agents AND clients. It’s just not a snap-your-fingers-overnight game.

But if you know what to do, and how to do it, you CAN get there. The 3 photographers above are proof of that.

If you’re an experienced photographer looking to get signed by a rep either locally or elsewhere, I can help. (Of course I can. I WAS a rep for 20 years)

But time is running out. The year is under way and if you don’t already have a solid strategy you’ll be up against it.

Plus I can only mentor one or two more photographers one-to-one until JULY. And then the year will be half over.

It is invitation only, so to apply please arrange a call with me here, SOON:, or drop me an Email if you’re shy.

Christina x