In the replay video, recorded on 17th Nov I covered how to find the right agent, resolve issues with your current rep, plus access better clients and more consistent jobs.

In the session I also share that my next Bootcamp program starts in January

Bootcamp covers how to:

  • Identify your brand magic and purpose
  • Discover who will pay you to shoot in that way
  • Constantly be creating personal work that inspires those clients.
  • Get a rep who’s aligned with your vision and will pull in bigger jobs for you.
  • Create a website which communicates with those people in their language, and helps you get across the line on jobs.
  • Reach out to them in a strategic way which has them knowing who you are the minute you call
  • Have great meetings which build respect and convert into work

If you'd like to discuss whether this is the right fit for you and will help you to get paid more to shoot more of what you love then here's the link to book a free strategy call with me:


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'Christina is such an inspiration to me, and I am honored to have her as a mentor. looking forward to working with her for many years to come.'

'I feel like Christina flipped my thinking in so many ways and it all makes greater sense to me now.'

'She inspires me every time I listen to her webinars.'

'Everything Christina said, her approach very clear, actions extremely pointed, and her sensibility about the whole process is disarming .'