If you are one of the many photographers out there who’d like to attract more assignments that NEED your true authentic style,
you might enjoy this free one hour session.


In this webinar, I show you how to reconnect with your authenticity, discover the real power your true work has, and get it in front of your dream clients so you improve the quality of your assignments, and hence your bottom line. 


  • Are you so busy shooting for clients that you have lost clarity around your true style?
  • Have you allowed fear of failure to push you into sharing work that you think others would like, rather than work you really enjoy?
  • Are you wondering how you can get back into shooting the work that made you become a photographer in the first place?
  • Are you trapped shooting work you no longer enjoy?
  • Are you just starting out and confused about your own unique style?

All these are common scenarios and all of them have the potential crush your spirit, confidence, and often your finances. 
I can't wave a magic wand and fix this for you in an hour, but in this webinar I'll certainly give you the tools to help you find the answers. 


'I can’t thank Christina enough, I was really floundering and just so stuck that I couldn’t
see a way forward.
Now it’s with purpose and clarity and a really strong vision I can put myself out there
and do what I do best.'

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