Blitz your Images

Before working with any photographers on their website or folios, or even as a mentor, I always start by defining their style. I call this an Image Blitz.

An Image Blitz is a powerful and motivating way to tap into your best work and connect you with your future; shooting more of what you love. This process will get that buzz back (if it’s lost) and help you discover your passion and direction (if it’s been waylaid). It will also focus you on where you want to go, regardless of where you’re at and what you’re shooting.

The aim is to cull out your weakest work, ascertain your strongest ‘Wow’ work and establish your hero style. This is the most important part of my process with you and includes:

  • An edit of all images from your website (plus any additional personal/ new work) into ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ folders, culling out any shots I don’t think are strong enough. With this alone you will be better placed to choose and images for your website/ folio (and the ones which might be losing you work).
  • A selection of your hero work. Shots which have the ‘wow’ factor and should be a part of your hero profile, be it on your website or in your print folio.
  • An Email report outlining your strengths and weaknesses and any areas worth developing further.
  • A 30 minute follow up Skype/ phone consult to discuss the above, plus advice on next steps.