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This is the first place clients will look to suss you out so make sure it's the best it can be. Careful editing is the first step towards this.

It's a fact that most clients will stay for around 15 seconds before leaving a web page. That's not many shots. My goal is to have your dream clients clicking through all your images and wanting to see more.

It's important to have a consistent feeling across all your work so, if you're struggling with identifying your dominant feel, I can help with that in an Image Blitz.  That may be enough to set you back on the right track toward editing a strong, fresh web presence.

If you'd like to join a mentoring programme in which I help you create a brand strategy, including you how to relaunch and refresh your website, jump on over here.

If you'd like me to personally edit your website for you, have a read of the steps below which outline the options and how the process works.

Step 1: Your hero 'overview'

Let's get this straight:- You're in the business of selling a feeling. Photography is just a vehicle with which to achieve this. So this edit aims to convey a range of ability with a single-minded feel, whatever the content.

If you're based in Australasia, this edit will ensure you get a look in at those campaigns which need a consistent approach with a diversity of shot content. If you're outside Australasia we'll need to hone in even more. In some cases, this is all you'll need to entice clients to reach out to you.

Here’s what the first full website overview edit includes:

  • A numbered, curated edit including identification of hero images and any additional shots we agree you should add. The final edit contains approximately 20-30 final images. Special attention is paid to the order and flow. Print and web require different approaches- this is taken into account as it’s extremely important.
  • Images are provided in a shared Dropbox folder as well as a screen grab of suggested order and any variants for discussion.
  • An Email summary with notes
  • A 30 minute follow-up Skype/ phone consult to discuss the options and any amendments and final decisions on order, next steps, including potential website categories, recurring themes I've noticed in your work and any areas on which you could build.

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Step 2: Additional website galleries

The aim is to have your website categories looking great and as consistent as the hero category, fleshing out areas of common themes which appear in small doses in the overview. The categories are also an alternative way for clients to find what they’re looking for, quickly.

Each category edit includes the following:

  • A numbered ordered edit of approximately 20-30 images, made using j-pegs. Special attention is paid to the order for the medium. Print and web require different approaches- this is taken into account as it’s extremely important.
  • Images are provided in a shared Dropbox folder as well as a screen grab of a ‘wheel’ of suggested order and any variants for discussion.
  • An Email summary with notes
  • A 30 minute follow up chat to cover amendments and final decisions on order, next steps, etc.
© Sara Orme
© Sara Orme

How it works:

  • Hit the ''Book a free website call'' button below which will take you to my online calendar, and select a time and date that suits you to chat. We'll chat about your work and I'll review your existing website (if you have one) so we can decide if you have enough to work with.
  • Assume that we'll do one gallery/ category at a time. This is the most practical approach. One booking equates to 1 web gallery/ category.
  • Once you've picked a date you’ll need to supply me with additional images via a shared Dropbox folder which you'll be invited to (if we don't already have one).
  • If so, please create a new sub-folder and into it add any new work done since the blitz, or work I haven't seen that you think might be appropriate. I will consider this when I select shots.
  • You don't need to be present (in fact I prefer to do this edit alone). When people go to your website you're not there to explain anything, so I take the approach that what I see has to say it all. However it would be useful if you're available by phone/ Skype for any quick questions.
  • If I have any questions or ideas I will contact you. We may chat more than once- it will depend on what I need to know.
  • Once it's done (and I may send you a work in progress if I feel it's necessary) I will number the shots and add them to a website draft folder in Dropbox. I'll also screen grab the flow and will Email you to let you know where I'm at, and to arrange a chat, if we haven't already covered all the options and issues in a conversation.
  • There is always room for some negotiation on the shots...depending on the shots!!!
  • Allow at least 2 days and a maximum  of 1 week per edit as I often revisit the edit and like to let it sit for a day or two before sending the final draft.

To find out more book a website strategy call with me using this button, or drop me an Email christina(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

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Full website overview gallery (or first category):        $1,900

Additional categories/ galleries:                                             $950

  • You can pay when you book or at the latest 7 days from completion.
  • All prices are in New Zealand dollars
  • NZ residents only - please add 15% GST

Any questions please don’t hesitate to Email me at christina(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or use the contact form below,  or book a call to discuss this with me. I know this is important to you and you want to get it right.

What my clients say

When I started working with Christina I felt really energised and excited. She helped me dig deep inside of me and eventually find the reason why I am a photographer. Then she identified my authentic style and gave me the courage to continue to be just myself and that meant hope. My self-confidence has grown: I understand now I don't need to try and emulate anyone else. I feel worthy, important and unique.

Paolo Benini, Photographer, Melbourne