Have your dreams become scary or insurmountable, or just fallen by the wayside?

If you are one of the many photographers out there who’d like clarity and direction, you might enjoy this free one hour session.

Download this PDF and complete it during the session so you can walk away with a roadmap:





In this live webinar, I’ll be giving you the prompts and tools to set your personal and professional photography goals for the next 12 months (and more). 


Are you:

  • A bit lost in the woods, and lacking clarity and focus
  • Shooting great work and feeling you'd like to get out of your comfort zone, but not sure how to do this.
  • Caught in a holding pattern, taking what comes to you no matter how unfulfilling.
  • Close to packing in photography altogether but stuck as it's the only thing you know how to do.

We're not going to fix all your problems in an hour, but I'll certainly give you some great tools to help you find some clarity, clear away distractions and think big again, as well as ways to implement the goals you've identified.


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'I can’t thank Christina enough, I was really floundering and just so stuck that I couldn’t
see a way forward.
Now it’s with purpose and clarity and a really strong vision I can put myself out there
and do what I do best.'

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