Goal Setting

The outsiders

Being an outsider has been conditioned into me from the day I was born. It was the norm. I grew up in a working class suburb in a wealthy town in the South of England. My parents were Geordies (from the North East) so we had no relatives nearby. Later, I met my Aussie husband

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Call the midwife

The photographer finished speaking, and silence ensued. The images hovered on the screen. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. ‘Something profound’ was the agreed murmuring. It took a full day to process the depth of feeling it evoked. We’d witnessed the birth of an idea, and the rebirth of an artist. The venue

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It’s time to re-examine

‘I live 2 blocks from the George Floyd murder’ I heard, repeatedly yesterday, as I ran a 3.5 hour folio review marathon with photographers based in Minneapolis. ‘I had my bag packed and was ready to flee in case our building was burned down’ said one. ‘Please let there be change’, they all said. Starting

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Find your flavour

Yesterday, during a Blitz, I found myself staring at brightly coloured, sun-a-flaring, golden meadows, bright green trees and crimson poppy fields. They were landscapes on steroids. Perfect, in a chocolate box, Fanta kind of way. They annoyed me a little. Something about them was not real. Unconvincing perhaps (though I couldn’t find a flaw). Digging

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A beginners’ mind

It was just after my 16th birthday, and my friend Joan and I had jumped on the train to London, each clutching our brand new SLR’s close to our side. In Covent Garden Joan pointed her camera at the buskers performing. She shot flowers on a stall and pigeons on cobblestones. I shot the crowd.

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The biggest gift you have right now

I have to admit, this whole lockdown thing (and my rest and assess week) has made me a bit of a morning sloth. So on Sunday, when I discovered that I’d managed to get myself out of bed an hour earlier I was delighted and more than a little self-satisfied. Here I was at 7am,

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Are you in business crisis mode?

As soon as this pandemic started affecting travel and day to day lives, many of the photographers I work with jumped into over-drive. ‘Should I let my clients know I can still shoot alone and send shots remotely? ‘ ‘Is it appropriate to reach out and say anything about working given the gravitas of the

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