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A born leader

Photo credit: Andrew Martin   It’s exactly one week since the horrific killings of 50 people in the mosque attack in Christchurch, and I want to thank you for the beautiful messages I’ve been receiving from around the world. In New Zealand we are still reeling. I am not a Muslim, notr do I live

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What makes you happy?

One of my clients recently won a grant to attend a New York workshop with one of her heroes. After announcing her dates in my programme community group, some of my New York clients rallied together and just this week hosted a meet-up with her in a Brooklyn studio. Imagine landing in a foreign city

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Stop paddling backwards

Sometimes, when I review a photographer’s work and identify their hero shots I am met with an incredulous look. ‘But how can that be my hero work? It’s so easy for me!’ No shit Sherlock. It may come as a shock, but doing what you love, especially if you’ve been doing it for a while, can be a breeze. You

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You are not a photographer

If you’re shooting for clients, you probably think you’re a photographer. You wouldn’t be mad to assume this. Indeed, most people probably refer to you as a photographer. But don’t get caught up in believing that’s what you do. If you’ve watched Simon Sinek’s ‘Find your why‘, you may have an inkling of what I’m talking

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In recognition of an inspiring photographer

Today I heard of the passing of a wonderful New Zealand photographer, Jocelyn Carlin. Jocelyn embodied the word ‘adventure’, travelling the world with her camera, educating photographers, creating a popular studio and darkroom facility in Auckland, shooting for clients, and above all following her passion to explore multiple cultures and build relationships with their people.

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IPA Climate change competition- 4 ways to stand out

Last night, after an amazing day where I proudly joined the first Women’s March on Washington in Auckland, we had a severe storm and lost power. Trees and power lines crashed down around Auckland and roads were closed. It seems only appropriate that today I judged the IPA Climate change competition. It also seems appropriate as

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Horror or Hope?

Every year I await the selection of entries for the IPA Lucie Awards with a mix of trepidation and excitement. In 2015 I judged the awards from airports and hotel rooms as I travelled from Europe to Asia. Being on holiday really helped me focus on the shots in front of me- my head wasn’t already

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